Wood Lodge Solar Farm

Welcome to our project website. Here you will find information about our proposal for a new solar farm at Wood Lodge. You can also provide your feedback and comments on the proposals which will be considered carefully by the project team and help to shape the final design.

The UK’s electricity demand is forecast to double by 2050 as we transition away from polluting fossil fuels to clean electric power to help address climate change. The demand is driven by many factors including the growing use of electric cars, the transition away from gas and oil boilers to electric heat pumps and the growing number of UK households. This demand, coupled with decommissioning of fossil fuel power stations across the UK, requires a five-fold increase in the deployment of solar PV across the UK.

The UK must also address energy security and become far less reliant on volatile foreign energy markets which have caused the recent spikes in household energy bills. 

The proposed solar farm development will help to meet this growing demand by providing a supply of clean, safe electricity for approximately 15,000 homes. It would connect into the local distribution network providing renewable energy to local people. It will help to tackle climate change, help to improve the UK’s energy security and does not require government subsidy.

The website provides further information on the proposals and the energy context in the UK. Importantly, you can complete our survey and leave your feedback. All of your comments will be carefully considered by the project team and will help to shape the final proposals.

Thank you for your interest in this project and taking the time to look at our website. 

Energy Generation: 49.9MW

Number of homes powered: 15,000

CO2 saved per annum: 21,500 tonnes

Community benefits

The project will provide funding for local community projects such as installation of PV panels on community buildings

Landscape enhancements

Will deliver a range of landscape enhancements including new hedgerows and large areas of wildflower planting. The scheme will achieve a Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG).


Project will be fully reversible and will preserve the agricultural function of the land

Early 2023
Completion of environmental studies
Spring 2023
Engagement with Parish Council and holding Public Exhibition
Summer 2023
Submission of Planning Application to North Northamptonshire Council
Summer / Autumn 2023
Statutory consultation with key stakeholders and technical consultees
Autumn 2023
Determination of planning application by North Northamptonshire Council
Likely commencement of Construction